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About Maria and Her Craft

Maria has been an artist for all of her adult life. She started out as a graphic artist and illustrator. During her commercial art career, she became exclusively an illustrator. As her career developed she added fine artist to her resume.  She worked in various media and found much success there. She also found she liked working in oils on canvas. She became an accomplished oil painter as well. You can take a look at some of her work at the bottom of this page.

So how does an accomplished artist become interested in making her own handcrafted soaps? Like so people, Maria got tired of the drying effects of many commercial soaps. She routinely purchased handmade soaps from other artists for quite some time, but decided one day to try her hand at it herself. She learned about the process, and studied the methods involved. After her first batch of soap, she was hooked. What a vast array of creative ideas could be employed with so many colors and patterns! She sees her soaps as hand held pieces of art that not only appeal to the visual senses, but to our sense of smell, and most definately to our sense of touch with their luxurious feel and moisturizing effects.

I opened up a Retail Shop at Etsy.com.
Please feel free to take a look at it by clicking on the link below.

Here are some samples of my paintings.